Microsoft Teams Call Metrics & Reporting

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The issue

  • Microsoft Teams is gaining market share at virtual meetings and OTP calls domains, especially since last year when most people switched from working at offices to working remotely from homes.
  • This trend will continue to increase even post-Covid period, due to easiness and integration of Microsoft Teams with other applications available within organizations, reduced cost and better time management
  • There is need to account and report meetings info, participants, call durations, evaluations and means used during the meetings or direct calls (audio only, video, screen sharing, recording etc)

The solution

  • MISTER CA Microsoft Teams App that collects, analyzes and report CDRs from Microsoft Teams meetings and calls
  • MISTER CA Metrics Microsoft Teams Addon for customers already using MISTER CA Metrics

Use MISTER CA Metrics MS Teams Reporting Addon to:

  • Download MS Teams CDRs
  • Analyze and Report Calls & Meetings info (info will be available about 45 min after completion – limitation from Microsoft Portal)
  • Reports include session ids, participant list, call duration per participant, means used (audio only, video, screen sharing), evaluation forms, rating etc.
  • Enhancements in next release will include integration with MISTER CA Metrics Reports to (a) consolidate user info for calls made using IP PBX and using Microsoft Teams, (b) calls and meetings consolidated statistics per team, cost center, branch etc