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Mister CA Recording

Application Family

User Dashboard to view, listen, authorize and download audio recording.

Supervisor Dashboard that manages User access rights

Administrator Dashboard with system configuration and Supervisor management.

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MISTER CA Recording

Audio Call Recording for Cisco Collaboration Solutions and other PBXs. It uses a scalable architecture to ensure comprehensive redundancy, business continuity, investment protection and an attractive ROI. Through its web interface, there is a very easy and intuitive way to search and locate any call, find the most relevant ones, analyze and take action, and improve WFO process.

  • Enterprise Solution
  • SIP, SIPREC and sRTP network media recording
  • High Availability and Redundancy
  • Encrypted storage volumes and media files using AES 256 bit
  • Advanced Security features-PCI Compliant, Dodd Frank Regulation

Mister Call Recording makes VoIP-based call recording simple and cost-effective.
Its key features are:

  • It records all types of calls including video calls and conferences
  • It records calls at any location including remote offices and home based sites.
  • Options to record all or selective calls, random or scheduled recordings, portions of a call monitor live calls and on the spot recordings.
    Moreover, there are options to end-to-end media encryption and data security, provide advanced privacy and access control tools, and to fully comply with Payment Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

There is a library of evaluation forms to complement the Call Recording process. Employees can use it to record essential client information while evaluators to monitor, evaluate and train employees to improve customers’ experience.

Mister Call Recording combined with Mister Speech Analysis can provide real-time analytics. There are automated functions identifying calls that match qualitative criteria such as calls with silent portions, cross-talk or lasting longer than usual, alerting supervisors for monitoring, intervention and further actions.

MISTER CA Call Analytics

is a portfolio of value-added applications for IP based PBXs. It consists of Call Metrics (accounting-billing-cost control etc), audio call recording, Real-time and historical reporting apps for UCCe/x, and Campaign Manager for UCCe/x.

RTEL World

is a leading Information and Communication Technologies service provider and software developer in SE Europe. Hundreds of clients use its software applications to monitor their business operations and improve their workforce productivity. Moreover, they rely to a well-trained support team to guide them step-by-step to design, deploy and manage the MISTER CA solutions. Finally, RTEL World is committed to innovation, product enhancement and customer satisfaction.