Mister CA Recording

Application Family


is a complete product for capturing, managing and distributing meetings audio and video recordings and their medata, best suitable for Cisco on-Premise Meeting Server and Cisco Webex Cloud Meeting Solutions. It uses Mister CA Platform to offer a powerful application with multimedia recording functionalities. It uses a scalable architecture to ensure comprehensive redundancy and scalability, business continuity, investment protection and an attractive ROI.

MISTER CA Portal interface offers a secured, very easy and intuitive way to search and locate meetings to distribute, analyze, take action, and improve the whole meeting experience.

Capture Presentations including video and audio from Cisco Meeting Server (on-Premise) and Cisco Webex cloud meeting solutions

Mister CA CMS Recording offers centralized repository to manage all presentations and videos for the organization. Easily scalable and supports content search, download and distribution using many intuitive filters such as organizer’s name, participants, date, duration etc.

Mister CA CMS Recording includes many means for distributing content, such as search and download through its Portal, informative emails with a link to download content, MISTER CA CMS Portal API, and CMS Web Interface

System Specifications

MISTER CA supports meetings recording with audio-only, video 720p and video 1080p. Additional supported options are to not record meetings s from specific organizers or participants. All recorded files are encrypted and the storage can be configured with or without compression. Estimated file size is 70MB for one hour of audio only, 800MB for 1 hour of video 720p, 1.6GB for 1 hour of video 1080p recordings. Recordings can be decrypted only within MISTER CA application.

High Availability & External Storage areas

MISTER CA CMS Recording supports High Availability and fully-reduandant nodes, N+N. It also supports fully redundant hardware. The fallback between the nodes is done automatically. Additionally, there is internal procedure to delete or archieve old recordings to external storage areas. The archiving process includes configuration rules such as to include/exclude specific recordings to be archived or purged based on multiple criteria including organizing parties, dates, participants etc.