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Mister CA Applications Mister CA Applications Mister CA Applications Mister CA Applications

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We specialize in designing personalized solutions for every need, based on our many years of experience and the reliability offered by CISCO Call Centers.

Mister CA Applications

Mister CA Applications provide a wide range of options that can meet all your needs, regarding the business development, the easy management of your call center and the maximization of profit. We develop personalized applications, based on customer needs and with the aim of making the most of a high-end call center.

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On-Premise Contact Center

We are by your side in designing and implementing a modern Cisco call center. We have certified staff who can cope with any challenge that may arise during the development and operation of your call center.

Cloud Contact Center

The MISTER Call Analytics (CA) is an innovative, best-in-class Call Analytics and billing system for organizations that use CISCO IP Telephony.


We stand behind our work and support organizations 24/7/365 so that business can focus on growth. For support just request a ticket via Email, Chat, Call or client section and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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