About RTEL

Who we are, what we do.

Our mission

Provide trusted tools to help you boost your business

RTEL is a leading Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) service

provider and software developer.

Its expertise covers solutions for the hospitality, business, health and public sectors. The company was established in 1993, the headquarters are based in Greece, and since 2013 there are offices in Miami, USA and Singapore, ASIA. RTEL has acquired significant technological know-how and expertise through its regular participation in national and international projects as well as through its clients' operations in a wide range of market sectors. Moreover, there is sound expertise in Cisco Unified Communications, especially in its integration with organizations’ internal and external systems. Over the years, RTEL’s applications have been installed in small companies (10-100 personnel) up to tens of thousands, multi-national organizations. Most of RTEL’s staff hold significant post-academic background and specializations in ICT.

RTEL is committed helping organizations to develop

their ICT strategies and stay competitive.

Our engineers and sales managers carefully and structurally study the requirements of each client, and then provide the highest quality solution. RTEL's strength is translating its acquired knowledge on technological know-how through participation in RTD projects as well as through partnerships with market innovators, to practical products and services. RTEL designs, develops and supports ICT solutions using state-of-the art technology and there is expertise in advanced wired and wireless technology, unified communications, databases, e-business (B2C, B2B), e-collaboration, MIS, network management and security.

Our mission

is to become a market leader in its specializations.

The company already has won contracts with clients throughout Europe, and it is rapidly expanding to new regions and sectors. RTEL is certified with a DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certification and ELOT ISO/EIC ISO 27001: 2013 certification. RTEL's employees hold several Cisco certifications and specializations including CCNA, CCDA, CSE, wireless and unified communications specializations.